Is Buying a Used Electric Vehicle Worth It?

May 4th, 2022 by

Nowadays, electric vehicles seem to be dominating the market, or at the very least, they’re starting to reach that point.

However, we should note that since they’re still a recent thing, not everybody has gotten a grasp of how they work or if they’re worth it.

This is especially true when recognizing key differences against owning conventional vehicles. In some cases, even some similarities.

In this article, we’ll be talking about some of these aspects. That way, you’ll be better able to determine whether you should buy your first used electric vehicle or not.

Let’s Talk About Prices

The most distinct benefit of purchasing a used vehicle is, by far, the discounted price tag. Even if a used car feels like new, as long as it has some years set in store, you can rest assured knowing that you won’t have to pay full price for it.

However, things play out a little differently with used electric vehicles. For starters, they have yet to match the sheer number of conventional cars out there. And that’s considering both the ones in circulation and the ones still waiting to be sold.

In essence, the supply of electric vehicles is relatively low, which means their price tags have to compensate with a sizable increase. For the most part, the selling price of a used electric vehicle is close to its original one.

However, given the amount of money you could be saving by not having to pay for gas, the non-existent discount might soon prove its value. We encourage you to run the numbers and see if things work out for you.

Are They Reliable?

In terms of popular opinion, reliability tends to be a controversial one among used electric vehicles. All this is because car manufacturers are constantly releasing new models.

Metaphorically speaking, sometimes it feels that it takes nothing but a blink before a new one gets announced. It wouldn’t be hard to believe that a two-year model is now obsolete.

We’re more than glad to tell you that’s not the case. Used electric vehicles are as reliable as used conventional ones, and it doesn’t matter if a given model is already out of production.

Believe it or not, there are used electric vehicles going as far as ten years and still working as intended.

What About the Batteries?

The selling point behind electric vehicles is that they don’t run on gas and operate with electric charges via a battery, just like your cell phone.

But here’s the thing. Cell phone batteries degenerate over time, meaning that older models might not hold a charge as well as they once did.

Luckily, car manufacturers did not oversee that many people might be driving older models. Quality brands are constantly working towards making batteries last as long as possible without sacrificing performance.

In addition, car companies have also manufactured tools to help you analyze these situations. For instance, there are small kits that you can plug into your car’s computers, and they’ll tell you the battery’s overall health.

In short, if you prepare yourself well enough, you’ll know which offers are worth looking into.

On the Matter of Charging Stations

Do be mindful of your capability of charging the vehicle once bought. If this is your first electric vehicle, it might be easy for you to forget that charging it will not be as easy as going to your nearest gas station.

Make sure that you have the proper cables and station at hand. Likewise, be mindful of whether there are third-party stations near you or not. Can you depend on them for your regular driving routine?

Believe us. You do not want to find yourself in desperate need of a charge, without a way of getting it, or not having enough time to do so without compromising your schedule.

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