If You Are Looking to Buy a Used Car in Lethbridge, These Cars Should Be On Your Radar

September 30th, 2021 by

Buying a used car can be a task that requires a lot of research. There are many different car models available, and it can become overwhelming.

The experts at House of Cars Lethbridge wrote this blog post to guide you through your search.

These are some of the best cars to buy used in Canada as they have gained massive popularity because of their proven high quality and easy maintenance.

Honda CR-V

Honda has a history of producing high-quality cars that are notoriously dependable and very well equipped and comfortable, all for an affordable price.

The CR-V is one of the most popular SUVs in the market for these same reasons. Whether new or used, the CR-V stands the test of time as it maintains its resale value in the market more than other models. Being a brand recognized for its quality and durability, there is a high demand for these models in the pre-owned vehicle market.

Furthermore, its maintenance costs are low, and it has excellent fuel efficiency because of Honda’s experience in engine manufacturing.

Honda Civic

Just as with the CR-V, Honda has proven many times that it can produce durable, high-quality cars.

The Civic is one of the most iconic cars out there.  Honda’s eleventh model was ranked #2 in the “Compact Cars” category by the World Report US News.

For as little as $10,000, you can choose between coupe and sedan, as well as manual or automatic transmission. You can also find many options for features like heated seats, sunroof, navigation, push-button start, automatic lights, and more.

If you are looking for a cheap, dependable vehicle, make sure to give the Honda Civic a look.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota knows how to compete with Honda in the high-quality and affordable car market. Corolla models constantly push sales because their high durability has gained a good reputation in the pre-owned cars market.

If at any point you find yourself choosing between options for this car, be sure that you will get an excellent purchase and pick the model with the features you like the most.


This is an excellent option for squeezing value out of every dollar. Rio is one of the most generous cars out there in terms of feature content.

You could find a unit completely equipped with heated seats, a heated steering wheel, navigation, push-button ignition, sunroof, among plenty other features for a budget of around $10,000.

Mazda 3

Available as both hatchback and sedan, the Mazda 3 is a well-built car for people looking for comfort and excellent sports car-like handling.

It has a 155 horsepower engine that gives incredible fuel efficiency thanks to Mazda’s proprietary technology, which means more miles for less money!

All for a friendly budget of around $15,000, a great option to drive daily!

Are you ready to choose your next used car?

These are just some of the best-selling models in Canada, but there are still many more!

House of Car’s Lethbridge experts can help you find the pre-owned model with all the characteristics you are looking for.

Contact our experts now, let them guide you to find the best pre-owned car model at the best price!

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