Iconic Movie Cars You Can Find At Your Nearest Dealership

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Who hasn’t seen a car, truck, or SUV in a movie and loved it?

It isn’t uncommon that most action films have stunning cars jumping into the air or going at incredible speeds with an explosion in the background. Models might go from classic and vintage vehicles to the most modern and fancy pieces of machinery.

There are hundreds of iconic cars from movies and TV we wish we could get. Unfortunately, most of them are rare gems to find or could be extremely expensive, like the ones James Bond likes to drive.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of beautiful cars from Hollywood you can get from your preferred auto dealers in Lethbridge. Any similarity is merely coincidental.

We can’t get you the Michael J. Fox DeLorean, but here are five vehicles you have seen in movies that you can get at your nearest pre-owned vehicle dealership.

Camaro: Transformers

Whenever you hear about Transformers movies, you think about spotless paint, shining chrome, and lots of sparks flying all over the place, but also about Bumblebee.

The unconditional friend of Sam Witwicky is trendy among car dealers. This Chevrolet 2012 sports car goes from 0 to 100 KPH in 4 seconds. It has beautiful interiors and high-performance tires, among other attractive features, making the Camaro a wise choice from the Autobots.

BMW Z3: 007 Goldeneye

This one is a rare find, next time you see a sleek two-seater BMW convertible under the vehicles for sale sign, forget your current mission and take a closer look.

Even if you can’t find the 1996 version that Pierce Brosnan drove by the coast, turn your attention to the brands’ more contemporary models like the Z4. A genuinely sensational car with beautiful aesthetics that gives a real James Bond vibe.

Audi R8: Iron Man

Everyone knows that Tony Stark knows how to make an entrance, and an Audi R8 is the best engine for the task.

If you have a few extra bucks and are looking for the perfect combination of muscle, speed, and style, skip the used truck section and go directly to the Iron Car.

Subaru WRX STI: Baby Driver 

This action movie blockbuster showcased a 2006 sporty red Subaru with an excellent grip, speed, and a hydraulic handbrake for all that spinning around we saw in the movie.

Need for speeders may feel the urge to compare this vehicle to the iconic Toyota Supra from The Fast & The Furious. Decide for yourself; take this car for a drive next time you stop by your local dealership.

Hummer 2: Bad Boys 2

Not a lot of people would risk performing an authentic Hollywood chasing scene in their SUV, not even if it’s a 4×4. We know Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are not afraid of anything, and the only vehicle capable of surviving the pair is the Hummer 2.

If you happen to be looking for a famous used SUV, make sure to look for the H2. These heavy-duty SUVs can endure even the harshest conditions and give you the sensation of driving an armoured vehicle.

Be The Star

Whether you are looking for cinematic used vans, cars, or SUVs, House of Cars can help you make the right cast.

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