A Matter Of Utility: Why You Should Consider Buying a Truck

May 20th, 2022 by

If you are currently employed in a business that requires you to move around much, you must know why a utility vehicle is essential.

Utility vehicles are designed to help perform a task over rough terrain. Although there are many different types of vehicles to choose from, not all of them will be the ideal one for your specific working needs.

However, there is one type of utility vehicle that we believe is the best option.

Why Buying A Truck Is Everyone’s Go-To Option

Any truck packs many cool features, but the main ones that are mostly known are:


Trucks are among the most reliable vehicles on the road. After all, utility vehicles have to be much tougher to endure travelling tens of thousands of miles every year.

If your work requires lots of driving and moving around for miles at a time, a truck that’s well taken care of will stick with you until you retire.

One purchase, one long-life companion.

Hauling and Towing

One of the main features that come to mind when thinking of big trucks is their hauling and towing capabilities.

Trucks have the advantage of having an insane amount of power that helps them haul and tow all kinds of heavy items and equipment.

When your friend needs help moving out of their inlaws’ house, you want to be the person they call to make the entire trip in one go.


Even though most vehicles nowadays come with safety features such as airbags and side-impact beams, driving a truck is still safer.

Trucks offer more visibility to their drivers, and they are a lot heavier, which increases the chances for their drivers to come out unharmed if an accident were to occur.

We’ve all seen those unfortunate accidents where a sedan gets crushed, but a truck remains standing with barely any damage. Trucks can take a hit better… and better be safe than sorry.

Should You Buy Used?

Short answer? Yes. Their premium performance can last decades when well taken care of.

Also, trucks tend to be a bit more expensive, but It will be more economical to acquire one that is used, especially from a few years back with a financial deal so convenient it will seem like it was crafted for your needs.

At House of Cars Lethbridge, we have a vast inventory of used trucks for sale. They have gone through complete mechanical fitness inspections by one of our many in-house mechanics.

We also pride ourselves in accepting both good and bad credit. When you partner with us, we work together with you to find a truck that fits your lifestyle and provide a loan that caters to your financial needs.

Give us a call or click here to contact one of our team members and begin the process of finding the best-used truck for you!

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