10 Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Car

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Buying a used car can be an exciting but also scary experience for first-timers. However, if you know the right questions to ask upfront, things will be more comfortable, and you will have better chances of acquiring the vehicle that best suits your needs.For this reason, we at House of Cars give you the ten questions that you need to ask yourself or the dealer before buying a used car.

Is the dealer reliable?

Get to know the used car dealership where you are planning on acquiring the vehicle.

  • How long has the dealership been in business?
  • Do they have a good reputation?
  • Are they reliable?

You can answer most of these with a quick online search. Find local reviews and other relevant information that may help you.

Why is the car being sold?

It’s beneficial to know why the car previously owned by someone else is now on sale. Maybe there was nothing wrong with it, and the previous owner wanted a better, newer vehicle.

But it is still worth asking this question to your dealer. If they struggle to answer or dodge the issue, it’s probably a good idea to look for another option.

What use was given to the vehicle beforehand?

Everyone drives differently, which could affect the car’s condition. Knowing what use the previous owner gave the vehicle can give you a better idea of which areas you should inspect to verify the car’s condition.

Was it used only as a means of transport? Was it used to carry heavy loads? Be sure to know about the uses given to the vehicle before proceeding.

Has the used car gone through any maintenance?

It is essential to find out if someone maintained the used car. You want to be sure that there are low chances of repairing the used car immediately after purchasing.

Can I test drive the vehicle?

Test driving a used car is standard procedure. If your request gets denied, then you should walk away. After all, how can you not test out a vehicle that you are planning to drive regularly?

Can I have it inspected by a mechanic?

If you should be able to test drive the used vehicle before buying it, you should be able to have it inspected as well. If the seller doesn’t let you try the car or have it checked, then you have another reason to bail out on the deal.

How many miles are there on the odometer?

A car’s mileage can impact its value. If the information you got from your research or your dealer tells you one thing and the odometer another, that’s a red flag.

Do you have a vehicle history report?

Vehicle history reports can tell you about accident records, lien status, registration history, unfixed safety recalls, among other things. Apart from the inspection, you must obtain this crucial information when considering buying a used car.

Has the car ever been involved in an accident?

History is essential when talking about a used vehicle. The dealer may say it hasn’t been in an accident, but if your research, the vehicle history report or an inspection proves otherwise, that says a lot about the dealer’s honesty.

Does it come with a warranty?

As you probably already know, used cars can break down easier than newer ones. Instead of stressing about dealing with these issues, you should determine if the dealership offers some peace of mind with a warranty.

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